The marginalia

Two items of marginalia written in the Roman alphabet deserve comment. They occur on f66r and the final page, f116v. The hands have a fifteenth century appearance.


der mvs del

Identified as NHG der Mussteil by Richard Salomon and Erwin Panofsky in 1954: See the discussion on Rene Zandbergen’s site. The word seems to have been corrected to the commoner expression Mussmehl.

The Mussteil was a minimum share of the household property reserved to a widow on her husband’s death, or after a divorce. See the online Deutsches Rechtsw├Ârterbuch with illustrative quotation from the Sachsenspiegel and the digitisation of the Heidelberg manuscript cpg164.


pox leber

Identified as NHG Bocksleber, ‘goat’s liver’, by Johannes Albus in a presentation at the Frascati conference in 2012.

An observation on dialect

The form musdel for mussteil has d- for NHG t-, characteristic of northern and Rhineland dialect, whereas poxleber for bocksleber has p- for NHG b-, characteristic of southern dialect. If the two identifications are correct, they are evidence that the manuscript had more than one owner within Germany before the period of Rudolph II.