Dee Ducats English

The 630 Ducats: English translation

A True Relation pp. 447-8


17 October 1586

For the record

At mid-day, after new disturbances and strife
from Fr Pucci on account of the moneys which he
desired to have of us, freely given, and in the
name of God, and as servants of God, and not from
Edward Kelley as Edward Kelley, we, D and EK determined,
(so as to escape the many rumours which he invented
and spread about us, on account of his 800 florins
cash which he had dedicated and made over to God, and
which he had previously refused when we were prepared
to settle with him, and had shown him 630 ducats in the
sight of God for him to accept as much of them as he
considered to be his), we determined, I say, with good
hope of not offending God, to set before him the sum of
800 florins in front of witnesses, for him to accept if
he wished, if he claimed that they were owing to him. If
however he should deny that 800 florins or any other sum
was owed him by us, we wanted the fact to be declared
in evidence before witnesses, and recorded by a hired
notary at a mutually convenient time and place.

We therefore left the Citadel for the City Hall (?)
and called together a number of leading citizens, a
senior priest and some servants of the Illustrious Prince
(Lord Rosenberg). We brought out two large bags
of money, and from one of them (which contained two
thousand ducats and also more than 400 thalers) we put
800 florins on the table. When we gave him the choice
explained earlier he was content to take the money but
wished to have it recorded that he was taking the money
in the name of God and from us as servants of God. We
stated that we would in no way accept that God had ordered
us to offer him the money to take it or leave it, but
purely to end the many and great scandals… of his own
free will… and he must say what suited him best, and
it would please him most.

He then took the money and counted it, and a record
of it was written out… of the most Illustrious Prince
(Paul Wolfg) being present, with numerous witnesses
who signed their names, as may be seen in it.

We give thanks to God. We hope now to enjoy better peace
and to be free of his poisonous and restless tongue. May
God convert him and be favourable to him, and make him a
useful minister of his divine Majesty…

Franciscus Puccius has said to us that he now wishes…