Marci (1641) English

The letter of Johannes Marcus Marci to Athanasius Kircher (1641)

Reverend Father in Christ and Dear Friend

The letters from your Reverence were most welcome. It is good to gather that you are seriously thinking of visiting us as we have so long hoped. I have written about it to His Majesty and, to tell the truth, I was trying to add fire to fire, int the hope of more enjoyment of the pleasant life I tasted in Rome. His Majesty replied that he had charged his confessor that very day to write to your Reverence to come here for Easter Day now that the work on magnetism is finished. And he also commanded me to encourage you to make your way here. If a flood of enthusiasm can achieve anything I shall try, not so much to encourage and persuade, as to attract your spirit with all the force of mine.

Count Bernard has now been away for over three weeks, gone to Silesia by order of the Emperor. Our other mutual friends cordially salute your Reverence, particularly Father Santinus and Master Barschius. The magnetism book has doubtless already been dispatched and we eagerly await it.

On another topic, could you be so kind as to bring with you the description of the journey of the Ethiopian whose country contains the source of the Nile, as I have asked in previous letters, since I love stories of that kind.

Finally I hope that you will be happy make up your mind to find your way here, for you will be granting me a favour and a grace.

Prague 12 January 1641

Your Reverence’s servant

Joannes Marcus Marci