Kircher Prague Correspondence Summary

Athanasius Kircher’s Prague Correspondents

Summaries of the correspondence

Jodok Kedd to Kircher

Emmerich 5 May 1635

PUG 561 f. 203r f. 203v

Method of using a magnet. Oriental languages. The Society and its enemies.

Aachen 22 March 1642

PUG 567 f. 141r (f. 141v)

Kedd has exchanged posts with Fr Brandis. Plans to observe magnetic declination and eclipses of the moon. A pupil of Kedd’s has returned home.

Schleswig 18 January 1648

PUG 561 f. 142r f. 142v

The Duke of Holstein [Friedrich III, 1597-1659] is fascinated by Kircher: enclosed is a list of secrets he would like to know, and also a picture of him.

Gottorp 20 June no year [1648 or 1649?]

PUG 561 f. 249r (f. 249v)

Kedd has been sent to Holstein to stay with the Duke, a prospective Catholic convert. He is living under the name of Theodorus or Derck Berck.

Schleswig 23 October no year [1649 or 1649?]

PUG 561 f. 243r (f. 243v)

The Duke of Holstein – he would like Musurgia. A copy of Peregrinatio Persica located. Letters must be addressed to Theodor Berck: only the Duke knows Kedd’s true identity.

Amsterdam no date [1650?]

PUG 561 f. 219r (f. 219v)

Please send 30 copies of Musurgia direct to Amsterdam for distribution. Malta under siege by Holland.

Amsterdam 25 February no year [1650?]

PUG 561 f. 241r f. 241v

Kedd has given his Heliopolis to the Duke of Saxony: he wants the Musurgia. Please send copies of books to sell. Salmasius on the English Regicides: ‘worse than the Jesuits’.

Friedrichstadt 19 April 1650

PUG 561 f. 236r (f. 236v)

Kedd has presented his Heliopolis to the Duke of Holstein and won a good opinion from him. He would like the Musurgia and a musical box. Please send 20 copies.

Friedrichstadt 10 July 1650

PUG 561 f. 233r (f. 233v)

Musurgia on its way to the Duke of Holstein. His son is to visit Rome. Please send more books. A copy of Heliopolis on its way via Amsterdam.

Antwerp 1 September no year [1650?]

PUG 561 f. 36r (f. 36v)

The Duke of Holstein is looking forward to the musical box and anything else which may be sent.

Cologne 17 September no year [1650?]

PUG 561 f. 205r (f. 205v)

20 copies of Musurgia and Obeliscus disposed of. Need for a pension.

Prague 16 October no year [1650? 1651?]

PUG 561 f. 224r (f. 224v)

Count Martinitz liked the dedication. Kedd is to return to Holstein and work on the duke’s library.

Regensburg 16 November 1650

PUG 561 f. 238r (f. 238v)

Arrangements for sending books via Amsterdam. Rumour that Pope Innocent X read Obeliscus Pamphili in his private room. The Duke of Holstein wants Musurgia and the musical box.

Prague 26 November no year [1650?]

PUG 561 f. 220r (f. 220v)

The Elector of Brandenburg has done what was wanted. Please send a musical box for the Duke of Holstein. A good idea to dedicate the universal Oedipus to him. Good news about China.

Würzburg 30 November no year [1650?]

PUG 561 f. 34r (f. 34v)

Renewed application for the pension for the northern mission.

Friedrichstadt 16 December 1650

PUG 561 f. 28r f. 28v

Kedd is back home feeling seasick. The Prince of Darmstadt’s trip to Malta: his wedding [Louis / Ludwig VI, 1630-1678]. Gift of Kircher’s books to him.

Friedrichstadt 22 January 1651

PUG 561 f. 234r (f. 234v)

The Duke of Holstein pleased with Musurgia. Copies needed for other influential people.

Friedrichstadt 16 April 1651

PUG 561 f. 274r f. 274v

Importance of sending the Duke a gift. Arrangements for sending books. Has Kircher got a way of softening hardened glass to impress the Duke? A conversion to Catholicism.

Friedrichstadt 11 June 1651

PUG 561 f. 35r (f. 35v)

The Duke of Holstein has received Kedd kindly as a friend of Kircher’s. Need for a pension.

Cologne 28 August [1651?]

PUG 561 f. 221r (f. 221v)

The Duke is still waiting for the musical box. A new bishop of Roermond.

Würzburg 30 November 1651

PUG 561 f. 208r (f. 208v)

Letters astray. Books sold. A pension for the northern mission needed.

Regensburg 11 December 1651

PUG 561 f. 209r (f. 209v)

Kedd in Austria for the winter, will return to Holstein. Rumours that the Elector of Saxony is to become a Catholic. Books sold.

Vienna 30 December 1651

PUG 561 f. 240r (f. 240v)

New Year’s greetings. Can Fr Gans arrange the pension when he reaches Rome? Dedication of Oedipus Universalis. A Spanish cure for gout.

Prague 6 November no year [1652?]

PUG 561 f. 227r f. 227v

Martini is a favourite of the Prince of Brandenburg. The Duke of Saxony and his son have visited the Emperor at Prague: then on to Regensburg. An imperial ban on the city of Bremen.

Prague 20 November no year [1652?]

PUG 561 f. 206r (f. 206v)

Audience with the Elector of Brandenburg. Lobbying. They are to meet again at Regensburg.

Regensburg 20 January no year [1653?]

PUG 561 f. 218r (f. 218v)

Letters not reaching Gans. Write to the emperor about money via Kedd.

Regensburg 20 January no year [1653?]

PUG 561 f. 244r (f. 244v)

Kedd is now known to all the electors and princes. They all want to know his opinion of the comet. A defection to Turkey.

Regensburg 27 January 1653

PUG 561 f. 246r (f. 246v)

The emperor and numerous noblemen have assembled for a feast. They all want Kircher’s opinion on the comet. Gifts needed. Please send news of the conversion of the King of China and his sending of ambassadors to Rome.

Regensburg 11 February no year [1653?]

PUG 561 f. 229r (f. 229v)

Good that the Duke of Holstein is in Rome. Gifts to the Duke of Holstein and the Elector of Brandenburg. A Swiss convert. What news of the King of China? What of the comet?

No place [Regensburg?] 17 February no year [1653?]

PUG 561 f. 230r (f. 230v)

The nobles want Kircher’s opinion on the comet. Books. Money matters.

Regensburg 10 March no year [1653?]

PUG 561 f. 226r (f. 226v)

An audience with the emperor: he liked the dedication. The observations of the comet to remain a secret. Please send gifts for the Elector of Brandenburg and the Duke of Holstein.

Regensburg 17 March no year [1653?]

PUG 561 f. 228r (f. 228v)

A prospective convert. The election of the King of the Romans to be held on 25 May. Will the Chinese king’s Polish ambassador attend with Kircher?

Regensburg 21 April no year [1653?]

PUG 561 f. 239r (f. 239v)

The emperor has ordered Magnes to be published. Greetings from the Elector of Heidelberg. The Elector of Brandenburg is expected soon. About the dedication of Oedipus Universalis – maybe to the Duke of Holstein. His son is progressing in mathematics. Conversions to Catholicism.

Regensburg 6 May no year [1653?]

PUG 561 f. 235r (f. 235v)

Books wanted for the Electors of Heidelberg and Brandenburg. Propaganda Fide has sent some welcome money. A conversion expected.

Regensburg 23 June no year [1653?]

PUG 561 f. 223r (f. 223v)

Who not to offend with the dedication. Dispute between the Electors of Mainz and Cologne over the coronation of Ferdinand [IV, 1633-1654, then the heir of Ferdinand III]. Count Martinitz mentioned – a good friend. Money for the northern mission arrived.

Regensburg 30 June no year [1653?]

PUG 561 f. 247r (f. 247v)

Sales of books to various noblemen. The dedication of Oedipus: possible names and the advice of Fr Gans.

Regensburg 21 July [1653?]

PUG 561 f. 210r (f. 210v)

Gans has the right idea about the dedication of the universal Oedipus. Need for money for the northern mission.

Regensburg 1 November no year [1653?]

PUG 561 f. 245r (f. 245v)

The Archbishop of Mainz would like the dedication of the book on Chinese antiquities: Kircher should raise the question of money. Other noblemen interested in various books. A happy 53 rd birthday in advance.

Regensburg 11 November 1653

PUG 561 f. 237r (f. 237v)

Money matters. A young nobleman attracted to Catholicism. When will the Chinese ambassadors see the emperor? A baron from Livonia claims Kircher’s acquaintance. Presents for the princes of Holstein, Heidelberg and Brandenburg are needed.

Regensburg 12 January 1654

PUG 561 f. 232r (f. 232v)

The Archbishop of Mainz will pay for the work once he sees it. A young man’s unwise journey to Rome. Dedication of Oedipus. Please send gifts for the Elector Palatine and the Duke of Holstein. Money matters.

Vienna 22 August no year [1654?]

PUG 561 f. 204r f. 204v

An eclipse. The death of the king [Ferdinand IV, died 9 July 1654]. A comet. Books.

Vienna 9 January 1655

PUG 561 f. 201r f. 201v

A copy of Magnes offered to the Count of Wolkenstein. They had several copies anyway.

Vienna 28 October no year [1655?]

PUG 561 f. 202r f. 202v

29 copies of Oedipus sent to prominent people including Marci and Martinitz.

Prague 28 August no year

PUG 561 f. 211r (f. 211v)

Hopes for converting Germany. An apostasy. Money matters.

Prague 23 October no year

PUG 561 f. 214r (f. 214v)

A booklet to convert heretics. Duke of Holstein ill. Money matters.

Vienna 13 April no year

PUG 561 f. 215r (f. 215v)

Money matters. Lobbying.

Prague 27 July no year

PUG 561 f. 216r (f. 216v)

Kedd arrived on 20 July. Thanks for helping the nephew. Money matters.

Prague 19 October no year

PUG 561 f. 217r f. 217v

A conversion. Debate with Lutheran scholars.

Prague 11 September no year

PUG 561 f. 242r f. 242v

Fr Gans is on a hunting trip with the emperor: he would love to have the stone. Dinner with Count Martinitz. The Duke of Holstein expects a dedication. Greetings from Marci.

Regensburg 24 November no year

PUG 561 f. 222r (f. 222v)

Kedd will try to get the Archbishop of Mainz to do what is wanted. Copies of Kircher’s books needed.

Vienna 6 July no year

PUG 561 f. 225r (f. 225v)

A certain doctor has become a Catholic. Kedd proceeding to Prague.

Vienna 25 June no year

PUG 561 f. 231r (f. 231v)

The emperor off to Prague via Zell and Linz. Kedd in Prague till June: the Duke of Holstein may be coming. A confusion about payment.

No place, no date

PUG 561 f. 248r (f. 248v)

Possible dedications of various books. The Abbot of Fulda on chariots and the Alphabetum Ginense used for various languages: he ought to have a gift.

Vienna 23 January no year

PUG 561 f. 251r (f. 251v)

Orders for books and payment. Mundus Subterraneus keenly awaited.

Regensburg 12 May no year

PUG 561 f. 212r (f. 212v)

Thoughts about the dedication of Oedipus and other books.

Regensburg 11 August no year [1651?]

PUG 561 f. 213r (f. 213v)

Sale of Kircher’s books. Gans on the dedication to the emperor.

Regensburg 15 September no year

PUG 561 f. 250r (f. 250v)

The dedication of the book. A forthcoming conversion to Catholicism.

Théodore Moret to Kircher

Prague 25 December 1638

PUG 567 f. 7r f. 7v

About magnetism. Villapandus and the size of the Roman foot. Santini mentioned.

Prague 8 January 1639

PUG 567 f. 23r f. 23v

Villapandus and the Roman foot again.

Prague 22 February 1642

PUG 567 f. 55r (f. 55v)

A copy of Apollonius in Arabic or Persian in a certain Roman library?Magnetism. Greetings from Marci. Postscript by Santini about a chemical experiment.

Prague 10 May 1642

PUG 567 f. 126r f. 126vf. 127r

Observation of the lunar eclipse [15 April] with instruments once owned by Rudolph II and used by Tycho. Also present were Marci, Nicolaus Tranchimontanus and Dionysius Miseroni.

Brzeznicz 30 July 1642

PUG 567 f. 080r f. 080v

Magnetism. A footnote about Egyptian and Coptic.

Brzeznicz 9 October 1642

PUG 567 f. 56r (f. 56v)

Observation of the lunar eclipse [8 October]. Moret passes on Marci’s observations from Prague.

Baresch to Kircher

Prague, 27 April 1639

PUG 557 f. 353r f. 353v

Baresch has previously sent Kircher transcripts of a cipher manuscript. Can Kircher read it?

Marci to Kircher

Regensburg, 3 August 1640

PUG 557 f. 124r(f. 124v)

Marci arranges an imperial pension for Kircher and invites him to court.

Prague 12 September 1640

PUG 557 f. 127r(f. 127v)

Baresch recommended. Plans for a Coptic-Arabic dictionary.

Prague 12 January 1641

PUG 557 f. 64r(f. 64v)

Plans for Kircher’s visit. Baresch mentioned. A request for books.

Prague 2 March 1641

PUG 557 f. 92r(f. 92v)

The Swedes invade Bohemia. A captured cipher letter of General Banner.

Prague 5 October 1641

PUG 557 f. 65r(f. 65v)

Marci’s progress in Arabic. His difficulties with unvocalised texts.

Prague 25 January 1642

PUG 557 f. 82r f. 82v

A theory about the moon and the tides.

Prague 15 March 1642

PUG 557 f. 71r(f. 71v)

A discussion of Jesuit missionary literature. A request for Arabic books.

Prague 10 May 1642

PUG 557 f. 69r(f. 69v)

The invitation to court renewed. Observation of the lunar eclipse [15 April].

Prague 6 December 1642

PUG 557 f. 86r(f. 86v)

Difficulties of Arabic: some sentences written in Arabic. A request for information about Arabic books.

Prague 28 March 1643

PUG 557 f. 88r(f. 88v)

The Arabic books gratefully received. New hopes for the Coptic-Arabic lexicon.

Prague 19 September 1643

PUG 557 f. 107r (f. 107v)

A copy of an Egyptian vase. A route through Russia to China.

Prague 7 November 1643

PUG 557 f. 90r(f. 90v)

Study of Arabic. Forthcoming eclipses. The route to China. A mention of Rudolph II and Dionysius Misseroni.

Prague 28 November 1643

PUG 557 f. 102r(f. 102v)

Astronomical observations. The Coptic book still not available. Arabic studies.

Prague 13 February 1644

PUG 557 f. 105r(f. 105v)

Father Reita’s dubious claim to see new satellites of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Prague 13 February 1644

PUG 557 f. 104r(f. 104v)

The Coptic-Arabic dictionary. The war flares up.

Prague 3 September 1644

PUG 557 f. 113r(f. 113v)

More doubts about Reita.

Prague 29 October 1644

PUG 557 f. 115r(f. 115v)

A new pope elected [Innocent X]. The Coptic-Arabic dictionary.

Prague 25 February 1645

PUG 557 f. 111r(f. 111v)

Father Mersenne. Marci’s book on the rainbow. Rudolph II’s glowing jewel – a myth. Arabic books.

Prague 10 June 1645

PUG 557 f. 116r(f. 116v)

Wartime isolation. Promotion of the Archduke. Peace with Turkey.

Prague 2 January 1646

PUG 557 f. 424r(f. 424v)

Arabic studies. Glauber’s chemical furnace. Preparations for a siege.

Not in Fletcher. Not signed but in Marci’s handwriting.

Prague 10 March 1646

PUG 557 f. 120r(f. 120v)

A request for missionary literature. A change of dynasty in China?

Hornhaus 8 September 1646

PUG 557 f. 117r f. 117v f. 100r 100v

An imperial visit to Hornhaus: the new curative wells there. Pilgrims, Marci’s poor eyesight, Spartan conditions, the risks of wartime travel.

Note: f. 117 is a copy of a lost original and f. 100 is a copy of f. 117.

Prague 29 December 1646

PUG 557 f. 128r(f. 128r

Some books gratefully received. The book on the rainbow to be published. Death of the monk who used to deliver Marci’s letters.

Prague 15 August 1647

PUG 557 f. 109r(f. 109v)

A certain Carmelite recommended as a new messenger. War news. Events in China.

Prague 11 July 1648

PUG 557 f. 84r(f. 84v)

A treatise on the recent purple rain. The wedding of the Emperor.

Prague 19 March 1649

PUG 557 f. 118r(f. 118v)

Hopes of peace. A Spanish method of determining longitude.

Prague 23 July 1650

PUG 557 f. 122r(f. 122v)

Peace with Sweden. The death by drowning of Marci’s son Philipp.

Prague 5 August 1650

PUG 557 f. 130r(f. 130v)

Some books gone astray. A recommendation of Siegmund Gref.

Prague 10 December 1650

PUG 557 (f. 123r)(f. 123v)

Not available.

Prague 8 March 1653

PUG 557 f. 126r(f. 126v)

An enquiry about Oedipus Aegyptiacus. Father Colerus becomes Marci’s financial agent in Rome. A request for missionary books.

Prague 9 July 1655

PUG 557 f. 97r(f. 97v)

Financial arrangements for book buying. More doubts about Reita.

Prague 7 August 1655

PUG 557 f. 94r(f. 94v)

Marci sends a book of his. A snake created in a test tube.

Prague October 1655

PUG 557 f. 95r(f. 95v)

Marci’s son Georg sent to Rome and entrusted to Kircher. Swedish depredations.

Prague 11 December 1655

PUG 557 f. 96r(f. 96v)

Oedipus Aegyptiacus arrives at last. Alchemical experiments old and new: a mention of Rudolph II and Edward Kelley.

Nuremberg 19 August 1658

PUG 557 f. 99r(f. 99v)

The election [18 July] and coronation [1 August] of Emperor Leopold I. Troubles of Caramuel Lobkowitz.

Prague 23 February 1659

PUG 557 f. 62r(f. 62v)

A recommendation of the Countess of Thun. Union of the Clementine and Caroline universities in Prague.

Prague 19 August 1665

Beinecke 408A

Marci sends an enciphered manuscript to Kircher. Can Kircher read it?

Prague 10 September 1665

PUG 562 f. 114r(f. 114v)

A request for missionary books. Arrangements for payment.

Note: this letter is signed by Marci but not in his handwriting. The handwriting is the same as in the Beinecke letter.

Marci to Caramuel Lobkowitz

Prague 9 January 1644, sent to Louvain

Mathesis Biceps p. 448-449

Is the earth in equilibrium around its centre?

Prague 8 June 1644, sent to Louvain

Mathesis Biceps p. 450-1

On the squaring of the circle. Martinitz apologises for delaying the requested action.

Prague 27 August 1644, sent to Speyer

Mathesis Biceps p. 462-8

Hypothetical motion of the earth: how would it affect times and altitudes?

Prague 8 October 1644, sent to Speyer

Mathesis Biceps p. 473-7

Hypothetical motion of the earth. Is the earth a magnet?

Marci and Kinner to Caramuel Lobkowitz

Prague 9 August 1664, sent to Campania

Mathesis Biceps p. 711

Renewal of old acquaintance. Kinner back in Prague.

Martino Santini to Kircher

Prague 20 July 1640

PUG 567 f. 27r (f. 27v)

Marci and Fr Ignatius have not yet arrived. Santini will arrange with them what Kircher wanted. Magnetism.

Prague 14 October 1645

PUG 567 f. 089r (f. 089v) [original] PUG 565f. 30r [Kircher’s copy]

A chemical mystery to be deciphered for a prize of 600 florins.

Bernhard Ignaz Martinitz to Kircher

Prague 17 March 1640

PUG 556 f. 314r f. 314vf. 315rf. 315v

Partly enciphered. Questions about Trithemian steganography.

Vienna 12 May 1640

PUG 556 f. 316r f. 316vf. 317rf. 317v

Partly enciphered. More about Trithemian steganography.

Prague 1 September 1640

PUG 556 f. 285r f. 285v(f. 286r)(f. 286v)

In Italian. Trithemius again. Marci mentioned.

Prague 22 September 1640

PUG 556 f. 308r f. 308vf. 309rf. 309v

Partly enciphered. Trithemian steganography, mention of Marci and the emperor.

Prague 20 October 1640

PUG 556 f. 289r f. 289vf. 290rf. 290vf. 291rf. 291v

In Italian and Latin. Trithemian steganography. Mention of the emperor.

Prague 3 November 1640

PUG 556 f. 294r f. 294v(f. 295r)(f. 295v)

In Italian. The emperor has sent money to Kircher and will correspond through Gans about publishing his work.

Regensburg 26 July 1641

PUG 556 f. 287r f. 287v(f. 288r)(f. 288v)

An enquiry from the emperor about a perpetual motion machine.

Prague 6 October 1641

PUG 556 f. 310r f. 310vf. 311r(f. 311v)

The emperor will write through Gans: he and Martinitz want Kircher’s book.

Prague 7 December 1641

PUG 556 f. 300r f. 300v(f. 301r)(f. 301v)

Martinitz cannot obtain Magnetismus. Hopes of visiting Rome.

Prague 22 March 1643

PUG 556 f. 283r f. 283v

Thanks for a gift. Arrangements for payment.

Prague 17 August 1650

PUG 556 f. 318r f. 318v

Arrangements for the pension. Cryptography. Please cultivate the Elector of Saxony’s son and the Elector Palatine.

Undated [Rome? 1650?]

PUG 556 f. 298r f. 298v

The emperor [seemingly in Rome] wants to see Kircher at 3.30.

Prague 17 December 1650

PUG 556 f. 302r (f. 302v)(f. 303r)(f. 303v)

In Italian. A recent visit to Rome. A ‘secret’ mentioned in veiled terms.

1 December 1650

PUG 556 f. 279r f. 279vf. 280rf. 280v

Thanks for some books. A suggested Trithemian cipher by Archduke Leopold.

Prague 19 June 1655

PUG 556 f. 306r f. 306v

A spendthrift young man. Oedipus Aegyptiacus eagerly awaited.

Prague 3 July 1655

PUG 556 f. 304r (f. 304v)

Thank you for the book

Prague 4 November 1655

PUG 556 f. 292r f. 292v

A book about the pre-Adamites sent. Oedipus Aegyptiacus very good.

Prague 5 January 1656

PUG 556 f. 312r (f. 312v)(f. 313r)(f. 313v)

About the disposal of some books.

Vienna 9 August 1659

PUG 556 f. 281r (f. 281v)(f. 282r)(f. 282v)

Arrangements for the pension. A cipher the emperor wants solved.

Prague 28 February 1660

PUG 555 f. 244r (f. 244v)(f. 245r)(f. 245v)

Peace has arrived. Martinitz has remarried.

Prague 5 January 1664

PUG 555 f. 141r (f. 141v)

Martinitz has heard of predictions which Kircher made to Ferdinand Wallenstein in 1640 and are now being fulfilled.

Prague 15 March 1664

PUG 555 f. 139r (f. 139v)(f. 140r)(f. 140v)

Martinitz had heard that Kircher owns a manuscript predicting the future. The Turkish danger.

Prague 25 July 1665

PUG 555 f. 143r f. 143v

Thanks for a book about astronomy. Comets.

18 September 1665

PUG 555 f. 144r f. 144vf. 144v(f. 145v)(f. 146r)(f. 146v)

Various disasters which were preceded by comets.

7 July 1673

PUG 565 f. 221r (f. 221v)

In Italian. A picture of the Virgin enclosed.

Johannes Gans to Kircher

Regensburg 10 February 1641

PUG 561 f. 132r f. 132v

Financial help with printing promised. Please send De Magnete as soon as it is finished. The emperor would like it.

Regensburg 30 April 1641

PUG 561 f. 134r f. 134v

Please send more news about the fish. Please send the magnetic book when finished. The Florentine has organised the type face. Attempts to help D. Antonius but the emperor is busy in wartime.

Regensburg 25 June 1641

PUG 561 f. 118r (f. 118v)

The emperor interested in the universal magnetic horoscope. Is it perpetual motion?

Regensburg 30 July 1641

PUG 561 f. 131r (f. 131v)

Fr Kalkofen and the Pole have not arrived. Trouble getting the magnetic novelty to work. Fr Eucharius’s money troubles.

Ebersdorf 2 October 1642

PUG 561 f. 130r (f. 130v)

Has payment arrived? The Aeolian fish no longer works, a pity it was an old one. The Luciferan stone very welcome, and any other curiosities will be gratefully received.

Poszony 19 May 1644

PUG 561 f. 120r (f. 120v) [original] PUG 565f. 28v [Kircher’s copy]

The emperor liked the book, please publish and dedicate it to his son. Any news of the Philippines earthquake? Fr Jodovicus’s aquatic clock. Is young Pricklmayer dead or not?

Linz 19 November 1644

PUG 561 f. 122r f. 122v [original] PUG 557f. 29v [Kircher’s copy]

Both artifices would please the emperor and he would like them instantly.

Linz 11 December 1644

PUG 561 f. 121r (f. 121v) [original]PUG 557f. 51rf. 51v [Kircher’s copy]

De Magnete received with pleasure. Fr Cobanius’s crass error about the date of the crucifixion.

Prague 3 February 1645

PUG 561 f. 123r f. 123v [original] f. 30v [Kircher’s copy]

Gans received the new projector and tried it by mirror and candlelight with no effect. Please send the special lenses. The emperor pleased with Cardinal Pamphilus.

Vienna 24 June 1645

PUG 561 f. 135r (f. 135v)

Still unable to get the projector to work: send more instructions. The error of Cobanius.

Linz 28 September 1645

PUG 561 f. 126r (f. 126v)

Two messages from the emperor. One: what is known of the book lately discovered in Granada? Two: please do not forget the promised present.

Linz 2 June 1646

PUG 561 f. 117r (f. 117v)

Some letters crossed. The emperor’s books expected. Disappointment of the peace terms.

Linz 7 July 1646

PUG 561 f. 128r (f. 128v)

Please confirm that payment was sent. The emperor is delighted and satisfied. The error of Cobanius and Salianus on the date of the crucifixion: heresy.

Pozsony 2 October 1646

PUG 561 f. 127r (f. 127v)

The emperor on music. More on Fr Kobanius’s mistake about the crucifixion.

Prague 27 November 1647

PUG 561 f. 136r (f. 136v)

The emperor read about the hydraulic works: could not the money have been better spent? Please send a copy when it is printed, he would like to read it. Commiserations, hopes for peace.

Vienna 6 February 1649

PUG 561 f. 133r (f. 133v)

The emperor is expecting Fr Froberger’s musical box. The Prince of Lichtenstein once had one. Can Kircher help?

Vienna 7 August no year [1649]

PUG 561 f. 137r (f. 137v)

The emperor received the musical box and spent two hours with it. Please send written instructions. Payment by New Year. Birth and baptism of prince Karl Josef [1649-1664]: his mother’s death in childbirth.

Vienna 30 April 1650

PUG 561 f. 129r (f. 129v)

The emperor wants the Pope’s preface to De Obelisco. Payment for Mundus Subterraneus. The Queen of Sweden. Arrival of the Archduke of Tyrol.

Vienna 18 March 1651

PUG 561 f. 116r (f. 116v)

A tremor in Gans’s hand. A gift. The old empress has gone to greet the new one.

Regensburg 13 March 1653

PUG 561 f. 125r (f. 125v)

No offence taken or meant over missing lettters. Fr Kedd has sent the description of the comet and lunar eclipse. Congratulations to Fr Schott.

Pozsony 22 March 1655

PUG 561 f. 119r (f. 119v)

The emperor pleased to hear about Oedipus Aegyptiacus. One copy requested: suggested dedication. Still no pope elected? [An eighty day conclave elected Alexander VII, 7 April.]

Vienna 1 March 1656

PUG 561 f. 115r (f. 115v)

Congratulations on the pension and hosting the queen. The emperor would like Itinerarium Ecstaticum, and quickly. Dedication of Mundus Subterraneus.

Vienna 28 January 1657

PUG 561 f. 124r (f. 124v)

Don’t worry about the emperor’s payment. De Obelisco not yet arrived. Gans is getting better and will give the help asked for.

Ferdinand Johann von Lichtenstein to Kircher

Lichtenstein 23 October 1641

PUG 556 f. 242r f. 242v

In German. A short letter of thanks for Kircher’s instruction.

Basle 10 May 1642

PUG 556 f. 208r f. 208v

In Italian. A journey through the Low Countries, France and Switzerland.

Louvain 11 December 1642

PUG 556 f. 241r f. 241v

In Italian. Still travelling. Slow progress on the reading list.

Brussels 13 February 1643

PUG 556 f. 207r (f. 207v)

Brief acknowledgment of Kircher’s letter.

Paris 1 June 1643

PUG 556 f. 206r f. 206v

In Italian and German. Back from England via Calais and Amiens. Lichtenstein’s uncle dead [Maximilian von Lichtenstein, 1578-1643].

Marburg 25 September 1645

PUG 556 f. 245 (f. 245v)(f. 246r)(f. 246v)

In German. Johann Reinhard von Kummel recommended.

Vianna 10 July 1650

PUG 556 f. 244r (f. 244v)

In Italian. Thanks for the book containing the peace treaty.

Prague 3 April 1651

PUG 556 f. 209r (f. 209v)

In Italian. Thanks for the letter. Will advise of any Italian journey.

Krumlov 4 June 1654

PUG 556 f. 239 f. 239

In German. An enquiry about Honorato Savarelli.

Vienna 25 July 1654

PUG 556 f. 237 (f. 237v)(f. 238r)(f. 238v)

In German. Further questions about Honorato Savarelli.

Krumlov 11 March 1663

PUG 555 f. 217r (f. 217v)(f. 218r)(f. 218v)

The book on crosses very interesting. A cross shaped comet has been reported from Prague.

Krumlov 15 March 1663

PUG 555 f. 165r (f. 165v)(f. 166r)(f. 166v)

A list of Kircher’s books received. Can he send the rest?

Krumlov 29 April 1663

PUG 555 f. 220r f. 220v(f. 221r)(f. 221v)(f. 222r)(f. 222v)

Kircher should print the Polygraphia Nova and send it as soon as may be.

Vienna 8 March 1665

PUG 558 f. 52r (f. 52v)

Observation of an asterism.

Krumlov 29 April 1665

PUG 555 f. 171r (f. 171v)(f. 172r)(f. 172v)

Observations of two comets.

Vienna 14 June 1665

PUG 555 f. 111r (f. 111v)(f. 112r)(f. 112v)

Request for an unspecified book.

Balthasar Conrad to Kircher

Prague 1 December 1642

PUG 557 f. 27v f. 28r [Kircher’s copy]

Conrad could not observe the eclipse [8 October] because of a siege at Olmütz. Other observations enclosed. Marci and Moret mentioned.

Prague 18 February 1645

PUG 561 f. 267r (f. 267v) [original] PUG 557 f. 267vf. 29v [Kircher’s copy]

Observation of a lunar eclipse [10 February].

Prague 13 January 1646

PUG 561 f. 266r (f. 266v) [original]PUG 557f. 51vf. 52r [Kircher’s copy]

Magnetism. Request for Musurgia. Santini mentioned as messenger.

Breslau 3 December 1651

PUG 561 f. 268r (f. 268v)

Success of Kircher’s books among the heretics. Conrad would like to have them all.

Juan Caramuel Lobkowitz to Martinitz

Louvain 30 July 1643, sent to Prague

Mathesis Biceps p. 422-436

The motion of a pendulum and the motion of the earth.

Juan Caramuel Lobkowitz to Marci

Speyer 20 April 1644, sent to Prague

Mathesis Biceps p. 449-50

The need to break with Aristotle. Greetings to Martinitz.

Speyer 26 June 1644, sent to Prague

Mathesis Biceps p. 478-80

Are Asians and Africans barbarians? Wisdom of the Arabs and Chinese. The nature of semen.

Speyer 8 August 1644, sent to Prague

Mathesis Biceps p. 454-62

The earth as a balance moving round a still centre. Falling bodies timed. Caramuel now in Germany.

Frankenthal 10 September 1644, sent to Prague

Mathesis Biceps p. 469-73

Hypothetical daily and yearly motion of the earth.

No place, no date [1655 or 1656]

Mathesis Biceps p. 483-4

Discussion of Marci’s Labyrinthus.

Juan Caramuel Lobkowitz to Marci and Kinner

Naples 12 September 1664, sent to Prague

Mathesis Biceps p. 711-4

Caramuel a member of a Neapolitan academy dedicated to experimental science. An experiment has shown that freezing water expands. Thanks for Dobrzensky’s book: some information on fountains included for him.

Juan Caramuel Lobkowitz to Kircher

Speyer 26 July 1644

PUG 557 f. 21v f. 22r f. 22v f. 23r f. 23v f. 24r f. 24v [Kircher’s copy]

Caramuel has heard through Marci of an Arabic book in Kircher’s possession. Eulogy for Fr. Bandt: his writings on Portugal and observations of the moon and Jupiter.

Würzburg 8 May 1645

PUG 557 f. 32r f. 32v f. 33r f. 33v f. 34r [Kircher’s copy]

A treatise on dreams in scholastic philosophy.

Prague 2 November 1647

PUG 556 f. 232r f. 232v

A delightful first meeting with his correspondent Marci. A logarithmic approach to music.

Sant Angelo January 1661

PUG 563 f. 216r (f. 216v)

Please publish Ars Combinatoria.

Naples 27 October 1662

PUG 555 f. 158r (f. 158v)

Astronomy. A mathematics course.

Naples 14 January 1665

PUG 555 f. 159r (f. 159v)

A comet. Mundus Subterraneus wanted.

Naples 24 March 1665

PUG 555 f. 156r (f. 156v)

The comet.

Campania 16 July 1666

PUG 563 f. 47r (f. 47v)

A Morabite from Constantinople bequeathed a Saracen manuscript but it is probably useless. Value of eclipses.

Sant Angelo 29 April 1672

PUG 560 f. 59r (f. 59v)

Praise of Kircher’s work.

No date

PUG555 f. 160r (f. 160v) (f. 161r) (f. 161v)

Astronomical observations threatened by cloud.

No date

PUG 564 f. 46r (f. 46v)

Wanted: the name of the man who wrote a life of Marci for quotation in a letter.

No date

PUG 564 f. 180r f. 180vf. 181rf. 181vf. 182rf. 182vf. 183rf. 183vf. 184rf. 184v

A treatise in Kircher’s universal script.

No date

PUG 563 f. 186r f. 186vf. 187rf. 187vf. 188rf. 188vf. 189rf. 189v

A treatise in Kircher’s universal script.

Johann Schega to Kircher

Brussels 7 December 1647

PUG 561 f. 165r (f. 165v)

D Petrus Philippus a Bernbach introduced to the Archduke but promotion at court not easy.

Brussels 2 January 1649

PUG 561 f. 150r (f. 150v)

The Archduke [Leopold Wilhelm of Austria, 1614-1662] will subsidise Musurgia: arrangements about the money. His picture enclosed.

Dohan, France, 7 April 1649

PUG 561 f. 151r (f. 151v)

An engraving of the Archduke commisioned. Permission to publish in Belgium. The imperial organist.

Cambrai 7 July 1649

PUG 561 f. 154r(f. 154v)

Permission to print Musurgia applied for.

Crepy-en-Valois 23 September 1649

PUG 561 f. 159r(f. 159v)

The frontispiece is enclosed. The plate will follow in the next post.

Crepy-en-Valois 28 September 1649

PUG 561 f. 152r(f. 152v)

The engraving of the Archduke enclosed. Importance of sending him several copies, and if possible the Obeliscus and a musical box. The Belgian Jesuits have access to him.

Brussels 30 October 1649

PUG 561 f. 148r(f. 148v)

Please confirm that the plate with the portrait of Archduke Leopold arrived safely. A suggested epigram for the frontispiece.

Brussels 27 November 1649

PUG 561 f. 147r(f. 147v)

Glad that the plate arrived safely. Eminent people to be given Musurgia as soon as it appears.

Brussels 30 April 1650

PUG 561 f. 155r(f. 155v)

The Archduke has deputed distribution of the books to the Jesuits. Should Obeliscus be dedicated to the Pope?

Valenciennes 17 June 1650

PUG 561 f. 164r(f. 164v)

The Archduke received Musurgia but could only examine it briefly. No need to worry about the jealousy of the Roman musicians.

Brussels 19 November 1650

PUG 561 f. 156r(f. 156v)

Congratulations on meeting the Pope. Perhaps he will subsidise Obeliscus, seeing that his adopted nephew was Kircher’s pupil. The Archduke liked Obeliscus and wants to meet its author to discuss the multilingual idea.

Brussels 5 August 1651

PUG 561 f. 153r(f. 153v)

The Archduke is eager to commission a Steganographia and pay for the printing. When will Oedipus Aegyptiacus appear?

Maubeuge 12 October 1651

PUG 561 f. 157r(f. 157v)

The Archduke would like a plain guide to the Steganography of Trithemius. The emperor is looking forward to Oedipus Aegyptiacus.

Brussels 8 December 1651

PUG 561 f. 158r(f. 158v)

The Steganographia has arrived and will be given to the Archduke. The Knights of Malta are to assemble because of the conversion of the Prince of Lüneburg.

Brussels 8 February 1653

PUG 561 f. 149r(f. 149v)

Schega happy to promote Musurgia but his superiors would probably have more influence. A comet observed.

Brussels 1 April 1651

PUG 561 f. 167r(f. 167v)

The Archduke has invented a cipher consisting of only four numbers but infinite and inexhaustible. Kircher will easily solve it: please send the answer.

Brussels 6 December 1653

PUG 561 f. 166r(f. 166v)

Visit of the Prince of Holland’s nephew, account of the public art gallery. Oedipus eagerly awaited: the Archduke would like the dedication if he lives. The French have recaptured S Menedon. Reported change of government in the new English republic: the Dutch are having second thoughts about peace.

Bouchain 28 July 1655

PUG 561 f. 169r(f. 169v)

So Oedipus is in print at last. As soon as the Archduke has a copy he shall be reminded about the publication expenses. Why not give the other copy to the Queen of Sweden when she reaches Rome?

Prague 1 September 1657

PUG 561 f. 163r(f. 163v)

Glad to hear that Kircher and his brethren are out of quarantine: hopes that isolation was put to good use on Oedipus. No news about the recall of the Count of Lamberg.

Prague 26 December 1657

PUG 562 f. 087r(f. 087v)

The Archduke saw the letters. He is eager to read Mundus Subterraneus and wants to continue the pension. He was also fascinated to hear that the plague is animate. Hoping that the Italian passes will soon clear and the books arrive.

Bischofsteinitz 16 February 1658

PUG 561 f. 162r(f. 162v)

Books for the Archduke have not arrived. Kircher’s pension confirmed by the new king [Leopold I, not yet elected emperor].

Vienna 12 October 1658

PUG 561 f. 160r(f. 160v)

The king [Leopold I] elected emperor [1 August]: the joy spoiled only by war in Belgium, Italy and Denmark. The books for Archduke Leopold and his confessor may be in Würzburg. Fr Kessel’s belongings ransomed from a sailor.

Vienna 28 December 1658

PUG 561 f. 168r(f. 168v)

The books have arrived and been given to the Archduke. Fr Miller will have provided a portrait of the emperor.

Vienna 8 February 1659

PUG 561 f. 161r(f. 161v)

The Archduke would like to know when Mundus Subterraneus will appear.

Pozsony 28 November 1659

PUG 562 f. 091r(f. 091v)

The account of the journey to Florence was interesting: the Emperor and the Archduke were fascinated.

Vienna 29 January 1661

PUG 555 f. 272r(f. 272v)

Events at the Roman College and Novitiate of St Andrew investigated. Schega has arthritis and would like some of the pension as being Kircher’s secretary.

Simon Schurer to Kircher

Prague 31 August 1652

PUG 567 f. 175r (f. 175v)

The emperor has ordered, via Gans, a payment to Kircher from a Prague fund: arrangements for it.

Stramberg, Moravia 23 July 1671

PUG 561 f. 46r f. 46v

Congratulations on winning acceptance from the heretics. Arrangements for payment. Attempts to procure Kircher’s books. The Count of Waldstein wants the see of Bratislava.

Godefridus Aloysius Kinner to Kircher

Prague 9 November 1652

PUG 557 f. 299r (f. 299v)

Kinner introduces himself. Request for Kircher’s books.

Prague 15 February 1654

PUG 557 f. 240r (f. 240v)

Praise of Kircher. Gift of a book on mathematics by Kinner at Marci’s urging.

Prague 3 June 1654

PUG 557 f. 245r f. 245v

Mathematics insufficiently valued. A mathematical theorem. Greetings from Marci.

Prague 16 September 1654

PUG 557 f. 239r f. 239v

The vanity of astrology. Observations of an eclipse. The Secretum Chimicum of Haredorferus.

Prague 5 December 1654

PUG 557 f. 244r f. 244v

Two chemical experiments. Recommendation of Dobrzensky.

Prague 13 March 1655

PUG 557 f. 243r f. 243v

Request for Oedipus Aegyptiacus and Mundus Subterraneus. Greetings from Marci

1 May 1655

PUG 555 f. 279r f. 279v

An experiment with magnesia or ‘lesser bismuth’. Marci’s Labyrinthus is in press: no doubt he will send Kircher a copy. Congratulations on the election of the new pope [Alexander VII].

Reichenbach 4 January 1656

PUG 557 f. 248r f. 248v

Oedipus Aegyptiacus and Mundus Subterraneus still wanted. Bismuth again. An anagram about an astronomical discovery by the son of Christian Huygens.

Vienna 6 June 1657

PUG 557 f. 246r (f. 246v)

Iter Ecstaticum. The Queen of Sweden. Kinner now a chaplain of the dowager Empress. Marci recently at court.

Vienna 26 December 1658

PUG 557 f. 241v f. 241rf. 241rf. 241r

No reply from Father Kolowrath. Father Fredericus Jelensigh denies the existence of sunspots in a sermon on the Immaculate Conception.

Vienna 22 April no year [1658 or 1659]

PUG 558 f. 154r (f. 154v)

The new emperor [Leopold I] is to continue Kircher’s subsidy. Congratulations on reading Archduke Leopold’s message. The Archduke Karl was thrilled to hear that Kircher was preparing something for him. Can Kircher get hold of some books from the Duke of Etruria? Request for a microscope.

Vienna 22 October 1661

PUG 562 f. 127r (f. 127v)

The promised invention has not arrived. The Archduke Karl wants it. Kircher on the plague. Schott on microscopes. Mundus Subterraneus still wanted.

Vienna 17 December 1661

PUG 562 f. 013r f. 013v

The Archduke has received the mathematical organ. Mathematics needs a patron since Ferdinand III died. Marci’s Philosophia is still with the censor as is Mundus Subterraneus. Marci’s hopes for eye surgery, Kinner dubious. The mathematical organ a success.

Vienna 18 December 1661

PUG 562 f. 131r f. 131v

Kinner has been appointed tutor to Archduke Karl, a good student of mathematics. Kinner and Marci given double doctorates at Prague. Marci’s health failing. Still waiting for Ars Combinatoria and Mundus Subterraneus.

Vienna 31 December 1661

PUG 562 f. 008r (f. 008v)

A letter from the Archduke enclosed. The mathematical organ very concise but there are errors in the tables. Kircher’s Diatribe on crosses. Declining educational standards.

Vienna 4 March 1662

PUG 562 f. 128r (f. 128v)

Mystery of the tables solved. The Archduke making progress in Arithmetic, Fortifications and Steganography. An old stone inscription from Vienna.

Vienna 17 June 1662

PUG 562 f. 134r (f. 134v)

Good to hear the news about Fr Caramuel. A ‘smicroscopium’ requested for 5 crowns. Fear of a Turkish invasion.

Ebersdorf 14 October 1662

PUG 562 f. 009r f. 009v

A misunderstanding about payment for the microsope. The court has moved to Ebersdorf for safety. The Archduke’s illness and recovery. An instrument to measure humidity.

Vienna 29 November 1662

PUG 562 f. 012r (f. 012v)

The microscope and some books gratefully received. The hygrometer has proved to be useless. Death of Archduke Leopold.

Vienna 18 July 1663

PUG 562 f. 129r f. 129v

Illness and recovery of Archduke Karl. Kircher’s universal language anticipated by Joannes Becherus of Speyer. The Emperor has also been ill and recovered. Continuing danger of a Turkish invasion.

Linz 14 September 1663

PUG 562 f. 011r (f. 011v)

The Archduke is in Ebersdorf for the good of his health. He likes the Polygraphia but a larger index is needed. If only Ferdinand III was alive. More threats from the Turks.

Prague 11 October 1664

PUG 562 f. 130r f. 130v

Archduke Karl is dead. Kinner devastated by grief. What of Kircher? Is it true that Mundus Subterraneus has appeared? Kinner is back in Prague where he hopes to end his days. Marci’s powers are failing, and he cannot write because of his eyesight.

Prague 20 December 1664

PUG 562 f. 003r f. 003v

Difficulties of retirement and the change of scene. Hopes of getting Mundus Subterraneus. Hornius De Originibus Americanis disparages Kircher and the Jesuits. Kinner has inherited the mathematical organ from the late Archduke. Marci sent copies of his Philosophia to Kircher and Caramuel and is grieved that they did not arrive. A memento of Archduke Karl.

Prague 4 March 1665

PUG 562 f. 085r (f. 085v)

Kircher’s observations of a comet compared with Kinner’s. An experiment by Christian Huygens with mercury in a Torricellian tube.

Prague 4 January 1666

PUG 562 f. 138r f. 138v

Kinner’s ill health. Mundus Subterraneus. Kircher has read Marci’s Philosophia, but what about that arcane book he sent him? Thoughts on the Royal Society and Francis Bacon.

Prague 5 January 1667

PUG 562 f. 151r f. 151v

The decay of mathematics in Bohemia: Father Schott dead and Marci ailing. Can Kircher read the book Marci sent him?

Prague 22 December 1668

PUG 564 f. 001r f. 001v

Mundus Subterraneus and Ars Combinatoria. Death of Moret and loss of his mathematical papers. Promising talents of Sigismundus Bartman. Schott’s last work published at Würzburg: Kinner did not get his material back. Anonymous attack on Mundus Subterraneus by ‘Blauenstein’. Fr Caramuel in Campania.

28 September 1669

PUG 559 f. 078r (f. 078v)

The bearer of the letter recommended to Kircher: may he see the ‘Museum Gazophilacium’ as sightseeing is the purpose of his journey.

Heinrich Julius von Blume to Kircher

Würzburg 26 August 1654

PUG 568 f. 067r f. 067v

Praise for the China book: it may convert the Protestants. Indian Christians.

Mainz 15 February 1655

PUG 568 f. 078r f. 078v

A conversion. Difficulties of converting Germany. Good to hear of the election of Alexander VII. The Elector likes Kircher’s books. An old flask of liquid found and put in a museum. A manuscript of Scotus Eriugena on music.

Mainz 9 May 1655

PUG 568 f. 015r f. 015v

Oedipus and Mundus Subterraneus. Details of the geology of Brunswick to be sent. Hopes for Pope Alexander VII.

Mainz 26 June 1655

PUG 568 f. 110r f. 110v

Fr Telemann made a bishop. Protestant views on the new pope. A hydraulic pneumatic machine has been shown at Frankfurt. Some Roman graves discovered with a flask full of liquid.

No date [1655 or 1656]

PUG 568 f. 037r f. 037vf. 038rf. 038v

A conversion. The Jesuit house full up. Noblemen to be written to. The Elector is keen to have Oedipus. Another conversion and prospects for one. Peace in sight, but will it mean a Catholic Germany? The Queen of Sweden’s conversion [3 November 1655].

Dresden 18 December 1668

PUG 564 f. 44r f. 44v

Praise of Kircher’s books, particularly China. How can he get Iter Hetruscum? If the Etna book is out, may he have it?

Dresden 27 April 1671

PUG 560 f. 153r f. 153vf. 154rf. 154v

Good that the book is in press. The Electoral Chamberlain is grateful that Kircher looked after his son in Rome. Money promised, ways of sending it

Dresden 24 August 1671

PUG 560 f. 54r f. 54v

The Elector likes Kircher’s books and is sending some money. Ways of transmitting it. Where is Kircher exactly? Bad influence of the Protestants.

Dresden 26 January 1672

PUG 560 f. 166r f. 166v

News of the Elector of Saxony. Books wanted. Storms on the Rhine. Money matters.

Prague 20 October 1672

PUG 565 f. 79r f. 79v

Back in Vienna after a successful visit to Saxony. A nobleman called Teller and an obelisk. The Elector interested in Kircher’s work

No date

PUG 559 f. 142r f. 142v

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Blume has been cooped up in the Electoral court with negotiations

Philipp Miller to Kircher

Ebersdorf 15 August 1655

PUG 561 f. 145r (f. 145v)

The king [Leopold I, then heir to Ferdinand III] has received Oedipus Aegyptiacus and liked it. He would like a dedication. He had to give his copy to his father who did not have one. Please cultivate the emperor while Miller is out of Vienna tutoring the king. The emperor reminded of the expense of creating Oedipus.

Ebersdorf 14 September 1655

PUG 561 f. 144r (f. 144v)

Commemorative coins of the coronation and an effigy of the king enclosed. Cardinal Harrach wants Fr Kedd to send two copies to Prague, one for the Burggraf and one for Marcus Marci.

Prague 29 December 1657

PUG 561 f. 143r (f. 143v)

The books for the emperor arrived. The pension is in the works. A male heir to the throne of Spain born.

Frankfurt 27 March 1658

PUG 561 f. 146r (f. 146v)

Lobbying to continue Kircher’s pension under the new emperor [Leopold I]. He received the books. Miller proceeding to Cologne.

Neustadt 25 August 1668

PUG 564 f. 101r f. 101v

Miller has had gout. Hope of securing two years’ funding. The Treasury obstructive: Jesuits ‘think money grows on trees’.

Vienna 24 April 1660

PUG 555 f. 275r (f. 275v)

The pension has been arranged. The delay was due to the emperor’s ministers.A new method of determining longitude from a magnetic needle.

Vienna 29 January 1661

PUG 555 f. 284r (f. 284v)

Court intrigues: the pension cannot be increased.

Vienna 7 July 1663

PUG 562 f. 074r (f. 074v)

Two copies of Polygraphia given to the king and Karl Josef. The emperor was too ill to read his copy but is now out of danger as is Archduke Karl.

Luxembourg 25 April 1665

PUG 562 f. 073r (f. 073v)

Mundus Subterraneus and the other books have not reached the emperor except for De Cometa. Not even the chocolate arrived. A new comet: difficulty observing it.

Vienna 6 September 1665

PUG 562 f. 075r (f. 075v)

The emperor has received Mundus Subterraneus. The chocolate arrived but not Polygraphia.

Vienna 27 January 1667

PUG 563 f. 042r (f. 042v)

Various letters failed to arrive.

Luxembourg 15 May 1667

PUG 558 f. 148r f. 148v

A see in Spain needs filling. Kircher’s letters reached the emperor only after other recipients. The supposed antidote to snakebite failed a public test.

Vienna 6 November 1667

PUG 564 f. 135r (f. 135v)

Wallenstein. The chocolate put to good use: Miller has had none. Death of Cardinal Harrach.

Ebersdorf 26 February 1668

PUG 564 f. 004r (f. 004v)

The count of Wallenstein. Fire at the imperial court. No response from the Queen of Spain.

Vienna 20 January 1669

PUG 558 f. 097r (f. 097v)

The empress has given birth to a princess.

Vienna 9 March 1669

PUG 559 f. 080r (f. 080v)

The emperor favours Kircher but anti-Jesuit intrigues have delayed the pension.

Vienna 27 January, no year

PUG 560 f. 081r (f. 081v)

The emperor approached and he should oblige Kircher when the Hungarian rebellion is ended.

Vienna 27 June 1671

PUG 560 f. 088r (f. 088v)

The rebellion in Hungary is nearly over and the emperor should oblige Kircher. Troubles of Wallenstein: his hopes for the see of Bratislava.

Vienna 26 July 1671

PUG 560 f. 090r (f. 090v)

The letters given to the emperor. Wallenstein losing hope of the see of Bratislava.

Vienna 19 June 1672

PUG 560 f. 137r (f. 137v)

A Jesuit made a cardinal. Poland in danger from Turkey. New lobbying for Kircher’s pension.

Ebersdorf 13 October 1672

PUG 565 f. 090r (f. 090v)

The Hungarian rebellion. A Swiss called Wertmiller has created a speaking tube for the emperor.

Vienna 30 September 1674

PUG 566 f. 176r (f. 176v)

Fr Podesta’s plan for a school of oriental languages approved.

Vienna 9 February 1675

PUG 566 f. 175r (f. 175v)

The new medicine cannot be recommended to the emperor until it has been tested. A possible donation to Kircher’s museum.

Vienna 6 October 1675

PUG 565 f. 209r (f. 209v)

The emperor liked the bulla. Miller now permanently ill.

Vienna 17 November 1675

PUG 566 f. 173r (f. 173v)

Thanks for Arca Noe. Miller ill in bed all the time.

Jakob Johann Dobrzensky to Kircher

Parma 22 May 1658

PUG 562 f. 132r f. 132v(f. 133r f. 133v)

Dobrzensky would love to hear more from Kircher. Spagyrical, mathematical and medical matters drew him to Parma. How to transmute mercury into silver and gold: importance of plants. Does Kircher know any alchemical secrets of the Egyptians?

Marcus Martinitz to Kircher

Prague 20 March 1660

PUG 564 f. 172r f. 172vf. 173r(f. 173v)

About the mines and minerals of Bohemia.

Ernst Adalbert von Harrach to Kircher

Prague 21 November 1663

PUG 555 f. 33r (f. 33v)(f. 34r)(f. 34v)

Enquiry about a book.

Siegmund Ferdinand Hartmann to Kircher

Prague 5 February 1670

PUG 559 f. 93r f. 93v(f. 94r)(f. 94v)

Moret dead: about the disposal of his books. Mention of Kinner, now very ill. A postscript from Ignaz Karl von Sternberg also about Moret.

Johann Friedrich von Wallenstein to Kircher

Vienna 25 September 1672

PUG 565 f. 33r (f. 33v)

War news: a Turkish invasion of Poland.

Olmütz 16 December 1672

PUG 565 f. 42ar (f. 42av)(f. 42br)(f. 42bv)

Best wishes for Kircher’s seventy third year. A capitular election.

Olmütz 8 January 1673

PUG 565 f. 37r (f. 37v)(f. 38r)(f. 38v)

Wallenstein’s nephew Count Ernst Waldstein recommended.

Prague 8 May 1673

PUG 565 f. 98r f. 98v

Johann Georg Gros recommended.

Prague 18 December 1673

PUG 565 f. 336r (f. 336v)(f. 336ar)(f. 336av)

Just greetings, no news to report.

Prague 16 August 1674

PUG 565 f. 88r (f. 88v)(f. 88ar)(f. 88av)

Adam Ernst Mayer recommended.

Vienna 9 December 1674

PUG 565 f. 89r (f. 89v)(f. 89ar)(f. 89av)

Conventional New Year’s greetings.

Prague 29 June 1675

PUG 565 f. 32r (f. 32v)(f. 32ar)(f. 32av)

Wallenstein has been named archbishop but that will not alter their friendship. War, floods and famine afflicting Bohemia.

Prague 7 November 1676

PUG 565 f. 91r f. 91v

Turkey and Poland.

Prague 18 November 1676

PUG 565 f. 95r f. 95v

Gift of a book.

Prague 19 December 1676

PUG 565 f. 94r f. 94v

New Year’s greetings. Methods of getting money to Kircher.

Prague 13 March 1677

PUG 565 f. 93r (f. 93v)

Did the money arrive? Wallenstein’s friend the Count of Clarum and Aldringen is going to Rome.

Prague 10 July 1677

PUG 565 f. 90r f. 90v

Thanks for the rosary. Sorry about the illness. Threatened war with Turkey. Mundus Subterraneus.

Vienna 13 December 1677

PUG 565 f. 96r (f. 96v)

Conventional greeting.

Prague 10 September 1678

PUG 565 f. 097r f. 97v

Protestation of friendship.

Johann Franz von Kollowrath to Kircher

Prague 29 October 1674

PUG 565 f. 328r f. 328v

Salutations, request for a decipherment and news.

Prague 29 October 1674

PUG 565 f. 328r f. 328v

Salutations, request for a decipherment and news.

Vienna 3 March 1675

PUG 565 f. 64r f. 64v(f. 64ar)(f. 64av)

Kollowrath is engaged to the Countess of Anguisciola.

Venice 24 May 1679

PUG 565 f. 306r (f. 306v)(f. 307r)(f. 307v)

In Italian. A book to be sent.