GPIO Implementation Guide

Provides information to create a platform specific implementation of the Symbian platform generic GPIO interface.

GPIO provides new implementation infrastructure that platforms may choose to use when implementing the GPIO programming interface. Platforms can update their GPIO support to use this. The driver programming interfaces also provided in this guide You can provide support for GPIO hardware in a board support package by implementing the interface that Symbian platform defines in the GPIO class.

Required background

Before you start, you must know the following:

  • Platform implementation.

  • GPIO concepts and terminology.

  • Architecture of the platform on which you are implementing.

  • C++ signature of the functions you are implementing.


To provide a consistent interface to clients of the GPIO class, your implementation must return certain error codes in certain specified conditions. The functions are mainly categorized into:

The details of the functions, modes, associated required return values and their usage are described in their respective sections.

Note: Implementation of the functions communicates with your GPIO hardware will be specific to the hardware you are using.